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Gridlock and dysfunction — and a few tears — hit redistricting

Bipartisan commissions designed to make the two parties work together on redistricting have devolved into messes in several states.


Debt déjà vu deepens Democratic divisions

Many of the party's House members want a better plan than a Senate game of chicken. They might not get one.

Social spending fight may claim progressives’ Medicare expansion

Progressives are closing ranks behind Medicare expansion because it represents the best chance of getting a sliver of their “Medicare for All” vision into law.

Congress Minutes

Schumer expected to hold vote on voting rights bill — but will GOP play ball?

Welcome to Congress Minutes, your real-time guide to what's driving the day in and around the halls of Congress.

Oct. 14, 2021

What to expect when the vax mandate drops

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Health Care

Opinion | Why We Can Have Both Innovative Drugs and Lower Drug Prices

The debate in Congress over negotiating drug prices is based on a phony premise that higher prices are needed to fund pharmaceutical R&D.

Opinion by Ezekiel Emanuel


‘Hiding the Ball’: Hunter Biden Complicates White House Anti-Corruption Push

Questions about the First Son could detract from the president’s efforts to position himself as a global good-government crusader.

By Ben Schreckinger

the big idea

The Democrats’ Privileged College-Kid Problem

An influential data guru expounds on why he thinks his party is losing ground: Their reserve army of young, upscale liberals keeps stepping on their message.

By Ian Ward

Women Rule

‘If He Makes a Successful Return in 2024, Democracy’s Done’

Talking Trump, Russia and the wage gap with Fiona Hill.

By Katelyn Fossett

the friday cover

Ryan Zinke is Running for Office Again in Montana. On Instagram, He’s Often in Santa Barbara.

Donald Trump’s scandal-plagued first Interior secretary has a good shot at winning Montana’s new House seat. But his opponents have seized on a weak point.

By Miranda Green


‘Some Really Disastrous Macroeconomic Policy Advice’

Former Federal Reserve economist Claudia Sahm sounds off on sparring with Larry Summers, Biden’s blunder and the case for reappointing Jay Powell to the Fed.

By Victoria Guida


Opinion | A Surprising Share of Americans Wants to Break Up the Country. Here’s Why They’re Wrong.

Opinion by Rich Lowry

The Big Idea

History Teaches that Constitutional Reforms Come in Waves. We May Be Approaching One Now.

In U.S. history, previous periods of gridlock and partisanship eventually gave way to bursts of constitutional amendments.

By John F. Kowal and Wilfred U. Codrington III

wealth of nations

Opinion | Why Democrats Would Be Fools to Slash Biden’s Housing Plan

Lawmakers will have to make tough decisions to reach a deal on reconciliation. But chopping historic housing investments isn’t the answer.

Opinion by Paul Williams and Cea Weaver

washington and the world

Opinion | The Neglected Agency at the Center of Biden’s China Strategy

If the U.S. is serious about countering China, it should acknowledge the Commerce Department’s growing importance — and provide the money, talent and authorities to let the agency do its job.

Opinion by Martijn Rasser and Megan Lamberth

In The Arena

Opinion | Congress Should Seize This Chance to Get Its Power Back

A new bill curbing presidential powers addresses problems that arise during Republican and Democratic presidencies. Members of Congress in both parties should embrace its reforms.

Opinion by Bob Bauer and Jack Goldsmith


Opinion | Americans With Autism Have Never Had More Support — Except When It Comes to Employment

People with autism often need intensive, one-on-one assistance to find and keep jobs. Here’s how the government can help.

Opinion by Michael Bernick

The mild-mannered senator behind a major liberal push

“Damn right, let’s do more of that,” Pennsylvania's genial Bob Casey says to GOP critics of Democrats’ social spending agenda.

White House scrambles to address looming Christmas crisis

The congested supply chain is disrupting the holiday season and creating a political and economic headache that could undermine Biden’s economic recovery plans.

Biden’s billion-dollar testing plan could struggle with a winter reality

The White House announced last week that it would spend $1 billion to increase access to at-home tests.


‘We’re being dragged along’: Extreme weather puts governors to the test

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy called Hurricane Ida “a very stark, tragic reminder that we’ve got to act.”

Appeals court temporarily reinstates Texas abortion law

The move comes two days after a district court judge temporarily blocked the law that relies on the prospect of private lawsuits to enforce a ban on abortions at about six weeks of pregnancy.
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